Paper Submission Instructions

Papers must be written in English. Only electronic submissions will be accepted (see instructions below). Papers not meeting the exact guidelines detailed below will be returned to the authors.

Format and Length

Full-paper papers should be at most 15 pages excluding bibliography, appendix, etc., with the total work not exceeding 20 pages. The reviewers are not required to read the appendix. Short-paper/work-in-progress/position-paper submissions must be no longer than 8 pages excluding bibliography. Submitted papers should have standard margins (i.e., at least one inch all around), use at least 11 point font, and be formatted for printing on US LETTER (8.5" by 11") size paper. Papers not in the correct format will not be reviewed. Papers must be submitted in PDF (Portable Document Format). Please make sure that the paper prints well on black-and-white printers, not color printers.

For additional formatting help, please see the ACM Latex Style Page.


It is up to the authors to decide whether a submission should be anonymous.

Dual Submissions

Once submitted to STC, a paper cannot be submitted to another workshop, conference or journal until the STC acceptance decision is known. Similarly, a paper that is under consideration elsewhere, including a workshop or journal, cannot simultaneously be submitted to STC.

If some of the material in a submission has appeared in a workshop, the paper should so indicate. This is only acceptable if the paper submitted to STC provides substantial additional results compared to the earlier or pending publication.

Electronic Submission

The registration is done through EasyChair.

  1. Login on EasyChair or create an account if you do not have one.
  2. Once logged in, click on the "New Submission" Link at the top of the page.
  3. Follow the instructions on the submission form.