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Poly^2 Network Computing Project
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This project seeks to evaluate security design principles in combination with functional requirements in the construction of a secure network service architecture.

Goal of the Project

The project plans include creation of a network service platform using commodity hardware and customized software to deliver critical network services. The emphasis for this implementation is primarily on security, though high availability and reliability are also addressed.

Conference Papers

The following papers have been accepted to conferences:

Project Posters and Handouts

These posters and handouts are used to provide information about our project at research symposia, meetings, and colloquia. The poster has an eye-catching graphic and brief information about the project. The handouts provide some additional details and references.
7th Annual Information Security Symposium (March 21-22, 2006)
Negotiating Trust
6th Annual Information Security Symposium (March 23-24, 2005)
Security in Motion
5th Annual Information Security Symposium (March 23-24, 2004)
Energizing the Enterprise: Cyber Security in Context
4th Annual CERIAS Research Symposium (April 8-9, 2003)
Cyber Security & Safety for the 21st Century
3rd Annual CERIAS Research Symposium (April 16-18, 2002)
Protecting Information Resources

Current Members of the Project Group

  • Eugene Spafford, faculty member.
  • Keith Watson, research engineer.
  • Robert Winkworth, graduate student.
  • Hank Wu, graduate student.
  • Dannie Stanley, graduate student.
  • Mike McFail, graduate student.
  • Brent Roth, graduate student.

Former Members of the Project Group

  • Jim Early, graduate student.
  • Rajeev Gopalakrishna, graduate student.
  • Greg Roth, graduate student.
  • Mahesh Tripunitara, graduate student.
  • Paul Williams, graduate student.
  • Scott Yost, graduate student.
  • Michael Armbrust, undergraduate student.
  • Eric Bryant, undergraduate student.
  • David Ehrmann, undergraduate student.
  • Jay Gengelbach, undergraduate student.
  • Bill Harris, undergraduate student.
  • Ryan Keyes, undergraduate student.
  • Kayty Luptak, undergraduate student.
  • Mike Olson, undergraduate student.
  • Greg Ose, undegraduate student.
  • Zach Tatlock, undergraduate student.
  • Bobby Yang, undergraduate student.
  • Nwokedi Idika, graduate student.
  • Mohamed Shehab, graduate student.

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