To use ReAssure, you need to create an account, and have a software image you want to run. ReAssure supports VMWare, but UML networking isn't setup; we are looking into Xen support. If the virtual machine image is a zip archive, it will be decompressed automatically after being sent to an experimental PC. We have written instructions to zip VMWare files (see left sidebar). There are also instructions on how to run sample experiments. A first-time experiment needs to follow these overall steps:

  • Get an account. We approve accounts manually because we need to trust you a little bit, as you will get a user account on experimental machines.
  • Upload images of guest OSes you wish to use. Download others. At this point in time you can only use images you upload. You may also give ReAssure a url to get an image from.
  • Download the network GUI, and create a topology. Note that the software image field for PCs in the topology must match the names of uploaded images.
  • Create an experiment and upload the topology you created.
  • Create a reservation, and wait for the PCs to be assigned to you. An experiment may have several reservations, even simultaneous ones (using different computers)
  • Connect to the experimental PCs with NX, which starts VMWare.
  • Do your stuff.
  • PCs are cleaned up at the end of the reservation period. You can also stop an experiment early, either because you are done and want to try something else, or because you are nice and want to let others use the resources you've booked.