Reservations belong to a specific experiment. Reservations specify which physical PCs will be used for the experiment, during which time. They also record the actual start and end times of an experiment. Reservations have the following states:
  1. not scheduled. This is the initial state, for use while the reservation is being created.
  2. scheduled. This is the state of a reservation after the physical PCs have been decided, and that all the needed images files have been verified to be present.
  3. starting. This is the state while the experiment manager is setting up the experimental PCs and permissions on the LDAP server.
  4. started. In this state, the experimental PCs are available to users.
  5. ending. This is the state while the experiment manager is tearing down the experiment.
  6. ended. In this state, the reservation can be deleted.
  7. aborted. This indicates that the reservation terminated abnormally, due to errors such as LDAP communication errors, crashed PC, etc... (currently 'ended' is used instead -- this should be changed in the next release). Experimental PCs that were affected adversely by the failure are in the "error" state, and require administrator examination before being made available again.