An "experiment" consists of a name, a description and an associated network topography. The topography contains the list of needed PCs for the experiment, which software images are needed, and how the PCs are networked. Each experiment may have multiple reservations. Users can get instant reservations, or plan them ahead of time. When the start time for a reservation is reached, ReAssure will automatically setup experimental PCs to match. Users can also stop reservations early, thus freeing the experimental PCs for others to use.

The implementation of experiments is a child of the class "db_aware_owner". Before an experiment is deleted, all reservations must be deleted, if possible. Ongoing reservations can't be deleted; users need to end the experiment first. Topographies also need to be deleted first. The interface first presents a list of all experiments, with the options to create new ones or to get an instant experiment (a single PC with no external network). When a user selects an experiment, then a summary of the experiment information is provided, with links to all the related operations (upload a topography, delete the experiment, etc...).