Accounts on ReAssure have 5 possible states:
  1. none. Accounts in this state have no privileges (all operations are denied). Suspended accounts would be in this state.
  2. unvalidated. This is the state after a user account has just been created, after a user enters initial information.
  3. validated. This is the state after a user validates the email address for the account. The testbed is still not accessible in this state.
  4. user. This is the normal operational state of an account. Administrators promote accounts from validated to user.
  5. admin. This is equivalent to "root" on UNIX systems. Administrator accounts can reset passwords, change account states, delete files, etc...
Account information is kept in the LDAP server; there is also a table in the PostGreSQL database with rows of user names, for the purpose of establishing foreign key constraints on all data belonging to an account.