This is an open source tool written in Java by Michael Yang for creating network topographies. It can export files in .ns format or xml (ReAssure uses the xml output). It also creates thumbprint images of the topographies. Users should specify which guest OS images PCs need to load, so that ReAssure can transfer them automatically to the experimental PCs.

Version 1.21 (6/29/06)

Download 1.21

Version 1.2 (2/3/06)

Download 1.2

MacOS X (1/20/06)

The GUI works on MacOS X computers now, as Apple made available an updated Java version. However, it's not as simple as using software update. Users need to go to Apple's web site, to download and install J2SE50Release3.dmg. Then, users need to start "Applications/Utilities/Java/J2SE 5.0/Java" and change the Java Application Runtime settings so that "J2SE 5.0" is the first entry in the list, as in this picture: Java settings

Version 1.1

Download 1.1 Instructions and License

Version 1.0

Download 1.0